Crown Land Grant Reference Map Viewer

Here’s the link:

The underlying Bureau of Lands and Mines lot-map (cadastral) images of the Colony are a little different than other versions I’ve seen (I’ve seen six or seven versions so far).

When you zoom in to the map, you can see the modern subdivisions. You can change the map to reveal aerial photos (these are different photos than on Google Maps) instead of the old maps..

Click on the yellow grant reference points to see the lot number, date of the grant and a full name. The grant number can be cross-referenced with the “Index to New Brunswick Land Grants, 1784 – 1997 (RS686)” at PANB: Click on “Search Page” link to enter the grants database.

Here is a screen shot (older version of viewer) showing a zoomed-in view of just the Colony area. All of New Brunswick is included on the map:

This map viewer is superior to what I have been trying to do with our Scotch Colony Google Map, because it shows lot lines and subdivisions. However, one nice thing about Google Maps is that you can navigate to any point using your cell phone/device with the Google Maps app.

Of course, cell reception is spotty in most of the Colony so it is best to download custom Google Maps to your mobile device and add your own points of interest. The mobile device’s GPS capabilities should help you navigate.

Please respect local land owners.

Another interesting online map is the SBN Property Assessment Online

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