1923, 50th Anniversary: 1873 Children

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Can you help identify anyone? Their ID number is usually tucked under their chin. Reply below or email us. I don’t remember who I copied the original photo from–there are several copies floating around. Scroll left/right and up/down in the list.

This is a link to a huge panorama photo of the entire party, taken the same day.

Written on photo:
“Aug 10. 1923 50th anniversary Kincardine, N.B. –
Scotch boys & girls who came across May 1873 in the Castalia – Anchor Line – S. S. Co.”

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3 thoughts on “1923, 50th Anniversary: 1873 Children

  1. Mum looked at pic and she said they look so familiar. She listed off a few that she knew.

    45 Bella Watt
    6 Willie McPhail
    40 Ethel Davidson
    41 Sadie Davidson
    39 Bella Davidson
    38 Andy Davidson
    24 ” Auld” Jimmy Clark
    26 George Sherriffs

    50 and 51 she isn’t positive, but she thinks they are Peter and Isabella Ledingham

    I will take it down for her to look over again however.

    Have a great day !


  2. I do not think # 51 would be Isabella Ledingham as she was not a child on the Castalia. She came from Scotland in 1892 to marry Peter. That is the Daniel Johnson quote of August 18, 1892 edition of the Fredericton Gleaner. I do think #50 is Peter Ledingham

  3. #56 – Catherine Chapman Duncan
    #57 – David Duncan
    #29 – James Cumming
    #42 – Barbara Duncan Cumming
    #34 – Mary Duncan Chapman
    #36 – Elizabeth Duncan Prescott
    #35 – Annie Ray Duncan Cumming or Aunt Nellie, definitely one of them, but not sure which.

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