150th Thank-You’s

We’ll be updating this list as we get changes.


  • Dr. David and Mariann Bell
  • In memoriam of Cecil and Hazel Watson
  • George Cumming II
  • Al and Pam MacPhail, Kilburn
  • The Castle Inn, with warm regards from the team
  • Christopher Young for the Young-Taylor family
  • Colin and Haley Murray
  • The Village of Southern Victoria
  • Doug Pearson Auto
  • Mairi Kathleen Morton LaFrance
  • Catherine LaForest
  • Ryan, Jessica, and the team at Lewis Pharmacy
  • Kristin Headley
  • McAsphalt Industries, Ltd
  • Carquest Auto Parts
  • Quad B Adventures
  • Bruce Alexander


  • Lieutenant Governor Brenda Murphy (for King Charles III)
  • Garth Farquhar, Scotch Colony Historian
  • Member of Parliament Richard Bragdon 
  • Jane Staples on behalf of Margaret Johnson
  • Allan Tremblay
  • Andrew Harvey
  • Sheldon Shaw


  • Còrsa, with our Kate LaFrance and Anna Schiedler, and Calvin Gallant and Justin Gallant
  • Shanachie Dance Company
  • Sabrina Perry-Drover
  • The Southern Victoria Pipe Band
  • Craig & Avery
  • Wednesday Evening Fiddlers


  • Blackfly Gazette
  • Businesses and locations that displayed posters
  • Merritt Press, Grand Falls, for last minute printing


  • Garth Farquhar
  • Kim Lennon
  • Ellen Leone
  • Shelly Morgan
  • Carm Merch
  • Rick Murch
  • Scott Rideout
  • Gathering of the Scots for the loan of their clan banners


  • Rod MacIntosh, who donated his large marquee tent
  • Colin and Haley Murray, hosting our Saturday events on their field
  • Judy MacIntosh, Weaving
  • Helen Dixion
  • Tobique River Trading Co, Scotch Colony special blend Coffee
  • Antonena Soaps

Farmers Market Mighty Sales Force

  • Carolyn Smith
  • Jackie Farquhar
  • June Hillman
  • Sarah Farquhar-McAteer

T-Shirt Cricuteers

  • Kate LaFrance, vinyl wizard
  • Sarah Farquhar-McAteer, weed-master general
  • Jackie Farquhar, design space engineer
  • June Hillman, press queen
  • Bill Duncan, long-distance taskmaster


  • Lachlan MacIntosh, tent detail
  • Archie Demeria, tent detail
  • Walter Allison for use of his trailer/stage
  • What a great tent crew! Thanks to Ralph, Dave, Rod, Archie, Gordon, Steve, Macky, Garth, Travis, Scott, Doug, Bill, Jaxon, Walter and Lachlan!!!!!!
  • Moving crew from the Kincardine School to the Melville Church:
    • Howard Paddock (and his trailer)
    • Blair Morton
    • Alex Hargrove (and Jade, Evander, and the new baby!)
    • Steve and August, Joel, Gabriel, and Seamus!!! 

Organizing Committee

  • Darlene Morton
  • Sarah Farquhar-McAteer
  • Kate Gallagher
  • Garth Farquhar
  • Jackie Farquhar
  • June Hillman
  • Bill Duncan
  • Jean Duncan
  • Cynthia Paddock
  • Carm Murch
  • Anna Scheidler
  • Mairi Kathleen Morton LaFrance
  • Carolyn Smith

All the folks who preregistered and ordered shirts

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