Find your Scotch Colony ancestors in the 1881 Canadian Census

1881 was the first census after settlers arrived at the Scotch Colony in 1873-1874.

Follow this link to Library and Archives Canada search page: 1881 Canadian Census. Most of the Scotch Colony is in Victoria County (District 32), Parish of Perth (sub-district K). See the Example Search Form below for tips in filling out your form.

South Tilley Is in Victoria County (District 32), Parish of Drummond (sub-district I –capital i). About seven families (84 individuals) from Scotland settled in South Tilley.

Upper Kent is in Carlton County (District 31), Parish, of Kent (sub-district G). The 10 members of the Robert Stewart & (Julia née Grubb-second wife) family had a place just south of the Victoria-Carlton county line in Upper Kent.

The census indicates where individuals were born. It’s interesting to see how families continued to have children after they reached the Colony.

If children were born within 8 or 9 months of their mother’s arrival, it probably means their mother was pregnant on the boat!

Example Search Form. This is how I filled out the Archives of Canada search form to find my Scotch Colony ancestors in the 1881 Canadian Census. It is quite affecting to see my family all together in Canada and note their relative ages.–Bill Duncan

Start collecting your family history.
Here are two forms for recording on paper:
1. Ancestral Chart
2. Family Group Sheet

Here’s a Family Tree Chart
See all the forms at US National Archives

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