Scotch Colony 150 Celebration

A painterly view of the Melville Church in Kincardine

Join us in the beautiful Scotch Colony to celebrate our 150th anniversary. Be sure to set aside the weekend of August 18th-20th for a trip to the colony, with events in Kincardine, Upper Kintore and Lower Kintore, New Brunswick.
Stay tuned for a full schedule of events!

United Church of Canada in the Colony

The Andover-Kincardine Pastoral Charge has four congregations including the Upper Kintore United Church on the Kintore Road in Upper Kintore and the Melville Church on the Manse Road in Kincardine. The Scotch Colony Brotherhood and United Church Women are organizations of the church community. Music at the Kincardine-Upper Kent Church  includes organ, piano, guitar, violin, tin whistle, and bag pipes.

The St. James United Church in Perth-Andover suffered flood damage on March 17-18, 2012. Two sets of photographs are posted here.

United Church of Canada, Upper Kintore, Dedicated 1893


Melville United Church, Kincardine

Melville United Church, Kincardine