Colony 150th Weekend Programmme, 17 August 2023


New 17, 2023 August: Our full Programme for the weekend.

View and download the full Programme as a pdf.

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Join Our Scotch Colony Parade!

Map updated 17 August 2023 with more event times.

I extended the parade route beyond the Events Field, where the judges will be. Please continue past all viewers and pull ahead to let those behind you finish. There are several empty driveways on Kincardine Road where floats and vehicles can turn around.

BTW, I’ve added road closures to Google Maps.

Marchers should line up on Kincardine Road, not Manse Hill Road. See the new map version below. The Kincardine Road lineup location should be safer than dodging traffic on Manse Hill Road. However please be careful of traffic.

Please check back for any additional updates.

Businesses, groups, clans, families, and individuals,
Join our parade of marchers, vehicles, and floats on
Saturday 19 August 2023:
9:30 AM–Kincardine Road, to Burns Hall, closes to through traffic.
10:00 AM–Line up on the south side of Kincardine Road at Burns Hall.
10:30 AM–Parade begins.

The parade is about 1k starting at Burns Hall.
The Clan March should be about a third of a mile/half a kilometer.

Parade Map version 081723-1. Check back for any updates.

Even if you haven’t signed up for the parade, come on up and we’ll slot you in 🙂

Contact: Garth Farquhar

We also invite you to become a Scotch Colony Sponsor.

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Our Google Calendar

The Scotch Colony, New Brunswick, Canada, is located in the Atlantic Time Zone
(Eastern Time Zone folks are an hour behind–that means if an event is listed at 11:00 AM Atlantic it is at 10:00 AM Eastern) So all you U.S. cousins: don’t be late 🙂

150th Maps

Updated 17 August 2023: more details on weekend events.

I’ve tried to add our venues, historic buildings, and road-closing information directly to Google Maps.

We changed the lineup location for parade and clan marchers. Marchers now line up on Kincardine Road before the junction with Manse Hill Road. Watch for traffic!

Saturday visitors: please use Manse Hill Road to drive to the Events Field and parade parking. This will avoid the parade lineup on Kincardine Road. Watch for children! See map below.

The Parade is Saturday 19th August 2023, 10:30 AM Atlantic Time

This is the civic address to the Event’s Field and parade parking:
260 Kincardine Road, Kincardine, NB E7H 2K5

Here’s a Google Maps link to the Events Field. Just fill in your location for directions (We’re located in Perth Parish in Southern Victoria County):,-67.6495/@46.640108,-67.649501,1132m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!4m1!3e0?entry=ttu

GPS to Burns Hall:
46.634469, -67.660338
46°38’04.1″N 67°39’37.2″W

Sign up to be in the parade: Join Our Scotch Colony Parade!

Sign up to march with your clan at the head of our parade.

Caution: When driving to/from Upper Kintore to/from Kincardine, avoid the Bon Accord Cross Road. There are reports of flooding and washouts. (Google Maps seems to prefer this route.) Use Kintore Road instead.

Above: Regional Map with magnified inset of the 150 Celebration area

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Scotch Colony 150th Registration Form

Calling all clans & cousins!
Submitting a form will help us with planning.

Here’s the link to our secure Visitor Registration Form:
Scotch Colony 150 Visitor Registration Form (new)

(1 August 2023) We’ve updated our form and separated the T-shirt order form.
Order T-shirts here:
Scotch Colony 150 T-shirt Order Form

Scotch Colony 150 Celebration

A painterly view of the Melville Church in Kincardine

Join us in the beautiful Scotch Colony to celebrate our 150th anniversary. Be sure to set aside the weekend of August 18th-20th for a trip to the colony, with events in Kincardine, Upper Kintore and Lower Kintore, New Brunswick.
Stay tuned for a full schedule of events!