1873-1874 Passengers Lists

Edited 17 Apr 2014, added Sidonian list (see tabs at bottom of table)

This is from a transcription of a 1873 newspaper article. The source is the New Brunswick Archives.

I have sorted the list alphabetically by last name. Watch out for errors. I imagine this list has been transcribed many times. As we add data, you may need to scroll within the window to see the bottom. We’ve decided to correct the spellings of the last names.

Not all passengers became part of the Scotch Colony. Some families left immediately when they saw the conditions in the Colony. Some were bound for elsewhere.

Jean has added the lot numbers that the settlers occupied. Here’s a map of the Colony’s granted lots  She is also trying to identify the wives and children.

This table is probably easier to view at Google Sheets https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16mq2qSSB6QCFn1JdKshngdkaTzMhWZgMoMXCglZpUl4/edit?usp=sharing

This is still a working document. We plan to have printouts at the 150th Anniversary.

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