125th Colony Anniversary video

July 18, 1998. Part 1/4 of a VHS video tape. This first part records the church service at the Melville Church in Kincardine. Great music as always! Were you there? Can you spot yourself? Who can you recognize? Who was the behind the camera? Please leave a reply below. Note the playing-time for any specific information you have.


July 18, 1998. Part 2/4. Here’s the second installment: Parade and Southern Victoria Pipe Band at Woolastook Park.


July 18, 1998. Part 3/4. Here’s the Third installment: Parade on Manse Hill Road.


Part 4/4. Here’s the forth and last installment: Gathering Woolastook Park

2 thoughts on “125th Colony Anniversary video

  1. Good to see some faces I recognize (though I’m not so good with back of heads ha! ha!). I did recognize Millie Girvan, Ken Clark and Muriel (Clark) Sanford. And of course, Isobel Hargrove Morton playing the piano. Thanks for all you’re doing up there. See you at the Celebration later this month.

  2. Wow, this is amazing, there are so many people in this video that I recognize-many of who are still with us, and some that have passed away, but such a great piece of history to have!

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