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1 Aug, 2012,
Here is some of the symbolism that I wish to overlay onto this logo.

Of course the first impression is the saltire of Scottish National Flag from the homeland of the Colony.

The meaning is extended to include ideas specific to the Scotch Colony.
The four parts represent the colony’s four original place-names:
Kincardine, Bon Accord (Stonehaven), Kintore, Upper Kintore.
The triangles shapes are the hills and hollows that define the colony.
The cross represents the faith that bound our ancestors to each other. The lines are the roads that were carved out of the rocky wilderness to connect the colony’s families.
The blue background is the sustaining waters of the colony flowing to the St. John River. The white of the foreground is the snow that tests us each winter.

This simple logo is accompanied by the words Scotch Colony in a font that is appropriate to the 1873 founding. The typeface is both formal and bold. It is meant to reclaim and assert the adjective “Scotch” which is deemed old-fashioned and has fallen out of favor in preference to the more modern “Scottish”.

–Bill Duncan

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