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Spurtles are available through Carolyn Smith on our Contact US page.

I am working on an online store and hope to make a few items available soon.

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Bill Duncan



Scotch Colony History Book, 125 anniversary edition

125 anniversary book, A History of the Scotch Colony: Victoria County, New Brunswick. (1873-1998)
$20 each

154 pages
Length 9″/229mm
Width 6″/152mm
Height .375″/10mm
Weight 9 Ozs/238g

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Garth Farquhar
890 Kintore Rd.
Upper Kintore
NB, Canada E7H 2P5

Also available from our committee members (click here to go to our contact page).

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You’re invited to our 145th Celebration!

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Here’s the pdf version: 145ScheduleProgramme140818-1

Here’s a link to our Google Map. https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=1FJVCNDbiyv7HmsbPJkIw-L0PAUI&ll=46.708998428667726%2C-67.63420165000002&z=11

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Updated 14 Aug: Just reordered the events chronologically.


“Hearts & Hearths” 2018 edition

Available from our committee members (click here to go to our contact page).

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Scotch Colony Hearts and Hearths
Stories and recipes from residents and descendants of The Scotch Colony of New Brunswick, 1873

Additional recipes and stories, new format, with historic and contemporary photos! A wonderful keepsake and sure to be cherished by generations to come!

Thank you to our many kind contributors for sharing their stories and recipes!

The cover photo celebrates the 140th anniversary of the Melville Church in 2018.

96 pages
8.5″ x 11″
Black and white photos

“New Kincardineshire” early stories from the Scotch Colony

Available from our committee members (click here to go to our contact page).

Also available at Nissan’s Market (map link) in Perth-Andover. (Thank you)

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By Duncan Archibald MacPhail, MBE. Subtitled “An Intimate History of the Early Years of a Scottish Settlement in New Brunswick.” 135 pages with several illustrations and tables.

Originally published in 1977, this entertaining history of the Scotch Colony has been out of print for many years. Used copies are commanding high prices.

We have tracked down the children of the author, Peter and Susan MacPhail and been granted permission to have a second edition printed.

About the author

Born in Kincardine, New Brunswick, on June 20, 1909, Duncan Archibald MacPhail grew up in the region about which this book is written. He attended school in Bon Accord and Andover and eventually Mount Allison University.

Duncan married Jean Estey from Wicklow, N.B., in 1939. He spent the war years overseas, rising to the rank of Major in the Canadian Army Forestry Corps and being awarded an MBE for his service. Following his return home in 1945 the couple had two children, Susan and Peter.

After the war Duncan worked two years helping organize the Mari- time Forest Rangers School in Fredericton. He spent the rest of his career in Quebec, working in the woodlands division of the Canadian International Paper Company. Duncan and Jean eventually retired in Ottawa in 1972.

Duncan always loved to read and write, so upon his retirement it seemed natural to begin researching the history of the Scottish Settlement of his ancestors, among the early pioneers of the Kincardine area. Eventually, in 1977, Duncan published the book New Kincardineshire. The fact that this book, a second edition of his original, is now being published would have given him a long, satisfied smile.

135 pages
6″ x 9″ x 3/8″

Back cover

145th Amazing Race, 18 Aug, Starts 1PM

(Colony scavenger hunt by vehicle)
Starts at Burns Hall at 1PM on Aug 18th.

“This amazing race will be like no other. This will be a test of how observant, skilled and knowledgeable you are! Having the ability to follow directions will be an asset because you will be receiving clues as you continue on the journey. You will go to places where you have never been, and do things you may never have done before as well as learn some history of the Scottish Settlers. Take your time and enjoy the scenery along the way. You will have questions to answer so pay attention to details. If you are not sure of the answers make an educated guess. Most of all enjoy your journey.”
— from Cheryl Kelly, event organizer

An amazing part of our
145th Anniversary Celebration Weekend
17, 18, 19, August 2018
Open to all

145th Poster Contest for Youth, ages 5 -19 years

Theme: The way new settlers lived 145 years ago in New Brunswick

Age Categories:
A. 5 to 9 years.
B. 10 to 14 years.
C. 15 to 19 years.

1. Poster must be on one side of ½ regular Bristol Board.
2. Use any technique or medium.
3. Your name must appear on bottom right corner of front of poster.
4. Print your name, age, address and phone number on the back of the poster.

Prizes: In each category there will be a first prize of $20.00, a second prize of $15.00 and a third prize of $10.00. Continue reading