“The Scotch Colony of New Kincardineshire” lecture by Scottish historian, Lorraine Stewart

Melvin Barclay's farm in Upper Kintore. April, 2012.

Melvin Barclay’s farm in Upper Kintore. April, 2012.

“The Scotch Colony of New Kincardineshire” (From Kincardineshire to New Kincardineshire 1873) lecture by Scottish historian, Lorraine Stewart. Presented to Stonehaven Heritage Society (Scotland) 28 November, 2012. The audience was about 40-50 and lasted about 50 minutes.
New Kincardineshire Colony Talk Lorraine Stewart.mp3. Click here to listen  (46.5 MB) This is a very large file so it may take several minutes before it starts playing, depending on your internet speed. Well worth the wait.  Note, Apr 11. I’ve had some reports of the audio stopping short. Try downloading the link/Save link as (Windows: right click; Mac: control-click).

In October 2012, I was excited to receive an email from Lorraine about her project. The internet makes it possible to easily communicate “across the pond.” From the lecture, we can learn more about what happened in Scotland when people heard about the planned emigration to New Brunswick. Lorraine was very generous to mail a CD to us. I hope you will enjoy hearing her story as much as I did. (Comment by Jean Duncan)

© Lorraine Stewart. Posted here by permission. We have also received a version with Lorraine’s PowerPoint visuals that we may show at Scotch Colony Fest140, 24 August, 2013.

A note from Lorraine, 22 Apr, 2013: I gave my talk at St. Bridget’s Hall (a mission hall of Dunnottar Church  http://www.dunnottarchurch.net/property/stbridgets.html ). It is opposite the sheriff court on the corner of Dunnottar Avenue and Bridgefield [Stovehaven, Scotland], and is used by the Heritage Society for most of their meetings.

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