140th History/Cookbook Book project

How you can help:
The Cookbook cum History Project for the 140th anniversary of the Scotch Colony, August 23-25, 2013.

The idea is to compile a different sort of cookbook that is also a history of the accomplishments and work that the people, past and present, have given to the Scotch Colony.

Here’s what we need from as many families as possible:

1. A photo of any person who has lived at some time in the Scotch Colony. (Or of a descendant of  the colonists.) The person may be deceased or still present in the world. The photo maybe old or new and should be dated if at all possible. If no photo is available just do the rest of the project. Please send good photocopies of photos or computer images as it will be impossible to return original photos by mail

2. A recipe that is hers/his or has been passed down through him/her or that you have called a family recipe even if you have made modern adaptations of it. (Tell how). Or it can just be a recipe for a favourite family food.

3. A paragraph telling a little about him/her, where he/she lived, her/his family ties and perhaps an anecdote about the family, her/his talents and how he/she used them and/or her/his  accomplishments, simple or stupendous.  You can also tell when he/she left the colony if she/he did and where he/she went to settle or work. Report what interests you most about the person Be sure to state both family names and married names.

Please note this can be written about yourself, or anyone, past or present, who has lived in the colony at some time, even though you/she/he may not have been born there.

There may be more than one submission for a person and if so the information in each will certainly be used.  Folks from Upper and Lower Kintore, Kincardine and Bonaccord should be included.
Submission Sample with Recipes and Biography

We would like to have all compiled for printing by June 2012. Deadline extended! It may not be too late. Contact Cari as soon as possible.

Please send your info as soon as possible to:

Cari Grierson
404 Kincardine Road, Kincardine, NB. E7H 2K6
Phone: 1-506-273-3670
or use the reply form below to sent an email

2 thoughts on “140th History/Cookbook Book project

  1. I’ve just discovered this wonderful site and the information therein. Is it a bit too late to add a photo/s from our Webster family who were on the “Castalia” and had a settlement, #10, in Stonehaven? We have no recipes, but an old tintype of John Webster and wife, Jessie. Also of his great-grandson, Albert Smith, who at 90+ years visited the area in 1998, I believe.

  2. Thank you Marita.
    It’s not too late to submit. Response to our call for submissions has been slow. Recipes can be current or historic. Stories and photos are just as important.

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