Fest140: You’re invited!


Failte, failte!
Welcome home to all who have connections in
the Scotch Colony of New Brunswick!

August 23, 24, 25, 2013 are special days in the Scotch Colony.  We who have ties here connecting us to the land or to the memories of the early settlers of 1873-74 will enjoy a very unique celebration that has been several years in the planning.

Scotch Colony Fest 140 encompasses many activities that will:
• connect you to your Scottish roots
• explore your heritage in music and displays
• rekindle ties with your relatives
• immerse you the beauty of our countrysideSC140poster4

Our specially designed logo is the four-sided Celtic Love Knot binding the four areas of the Scotch Colony together whilst circling the thistle of Scotland. As our logo depicts, we will bond and learn and share our common heritage in these bonny hills in all the activities planned for your enjoyment and centred around the Burns Hall, Kincardine.

RSVP – It would be great if we knew how many are coming so we can better plan our activities.

Bring any and all, if possible, folding chair, sun/rain gear and fly dope as well as Family Tree diagram, a new or old  home-made quilt with a story card attached for display.

Make your Quilt Story Card about recipe card size, 3 by 5 inches.  It should name the person who made the quilt, the owner, the approximate date and size, the pattern, and any little memorable or special info about the quilt.

Here is the Scotch Colony Fest140 Programme

Click here to download a print version of the Fest140 Program (ScotchColonyFest140Program071413-1.pdf -updated 14 Jul, 2013-1)


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