Inducement for Emigrants

From the archives, “News of the day” in the New Zealand newspaper the Colonist, Volume XVI, Issue 1653, 22 July 1873, Page 3 included this notice:

inducementforemigrantsBy this mail we (Bruce Herald) have a letter from an old colonist from Laurencekirk, in which he says: –– “Great inducement is at present held out here, by agents from North America, for emigrants to proceed to that country. On 25th April, I saw a special train pass with 800 emigrants, bound for New Brunswick, there to establish a new Colony, to be named New Kincardineshire. Each party of five is given (free) 200 acres of land, with four acres cleared, and a log-house 25 ft. long x 15 ft. erected theron. Their passage from St. John’s to New Kincardineshire –– 160 miles –– is also paid for them. Several of the party had been over to examine the district, and upon their return reported most favorably; hence the large number who are leaving.”

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