Full-size image of log cabin/animation

Local copy of the image from NB Archives. To save you the trouble of downloading from their site.

Wm Duncan & Elizabeth Linton homestead site in Scotch Colony overlaid with old log cabin photo from NB Archives. This is on the present day (2010) Bon Accord road in Kincardine, NB. Click on image to see animation. This is just conjecture about the location of the log cabin but gosh the topography is a close match. This is a big file so wait for it to load to see the animation.

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  1. See the documentary film Arctic Son for a great account of building a log cabin and living in the wilderness. (there is another documentary with the same name about a First Nation family– very good too.) Another documentary film about building a log cabin is Alone in the Wilderness. Neither of these films portray a community similar to what I imagine the Scotch Colony was.

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