Old map of Colony lots (Cadastral)

This map belonged to Melvin Barclay when it was photographed in the 1980s(?)- Does anyone know the year the map was made or who drew it? This is a link to a slightly larger version to download.

This version of the old map is animated over a present-day Google map. Click on the map to load the animation. It’s a big file so be patient.

4 thoughts on “Old map of Colony lots (Cadastral)

  1. We have two of those exact maps here at the house. Mum said her father sent away to Fraser’s and they sent him one. Not sure when though, but he died in 1936

      • Sorry Bill. I haven’t been on this site before this. I could have sent maps with Darlene to some of the fiddle things, or you could have stopped up after music night in Burns Hall. I go over to PI or Fort usually about once/week. Maybe we could make connections and I could bring them over with me. Again my apologies I didn’t reply sooner .

        • Thanks Blair. I’m planning to be at fiddlers tonight. (18 July 2012) I’ll bring my camera and shoot them on the spot. But there’s no rush.

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