Possible Colony home tintype [updated]

Tintypes were made with the image mirror-reversed.

This is the un-mirror-reversed version. This is the way the buildings would have appeared in real life.

This unidentified tintype photograph was found in the old William Duncan and Elizabeth Linton home in Washburn, Maine. If it is a Scotch Colony home, possible families could be Duncan, Cocker, Wilson, or Chapman. The lay of the land appears to be very flat which suggests Bon Accord (was Stonehaven) in Colony. Margaret Rheinlander Chapman was the owner when the photo was copied in the 1990’s. She thought it was the Sheriffs’ place. Any suggestions?
Update 21Jul2012: Tintypes are mirror-reversed images.

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  1. Margaret Rheinlander Chapman thought it was the Sheriffs’ place, (added to post) but I don’t know why a photo of the Sheriffs would be in the Duncan family.

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