New CBC video on the Scotch Colony

Beautiful video of the Colony including interviews with Darlene Morton and Garth Farquhar.

Here’s a link to this video:
The video may not play outside Canada.

Here is the link to the accompanying CBC article, with beautiful photos, about the Colony and our Burns Celebration:

Also, here is a companion radio story:

Stories by Jordan Gill:

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Scotch Colony Hearts and Hearths
Stories and recipes from residents and descendants of The Scotch Colony of New Brunswick, 1873

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Thank you to our many kind contributors for sharing their stories and recipes! The cover photo celebrates the 140th anniversary of the Melville Church in 2018. Continue reading

50th Anniversary Panorama


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This is a link to a very big version of the picture (4.7 MB). It may take a very long time to down load.

This was copied from an original print that Garth Farquhar has. I’m trying to think of ways to identify and index individuals. Any suggestions?

This is a link to another photo taken that day of the 1873-4 children immigrants.

Kincardine Memorial Service 26 Aug, 2012

Mystery Photo – Possibly Alexander Hutcheon?

I received a copy of this photo at the annual Hutcheon/Flannery reunion last month; it is a “cabinet card,” and this format was most popular between 1870 and 1895. Nobody knows who the handsome fellow is, but best guesses are that he is approximately 50 years of age, and is either Alexander Hutcheon, brother of James Hutcheon who arrived on the Castalia in 1873 – or he may be one of the two Flannery brothers (William or Daniel/Danforth) who married one of the 2 Hutcheon sisters (Nellie or Annie.)

There is a small embossment in the lower right corner, “Kimball.” Right below that it says, “Fort Fairfield, ME.”   Any information would be appreciated!

Mystery House Portrait

Where was this house located? Who are the four people posing for the portrait? The image was found among old family photographs belonging to William Cumming Langley of Mars Hill, ME (great-grandson of Thomas Cumming of Upper Kintore.)

Possible Colony home tintype [updated]

Tintypes were made with the image mirror-reversed.

This is the un-mirror-reversed version. This is the way the buildings would have appeared in real life.

This unidentified tintype photograph was found in the old William Duncan and Elizabeth Linton home in Washburn, Maine. If it is a Scotch Colony home, possible families could be Duncan, Cocker, Wilson, or Chapman. The lay of the land appears to be very flat which suggests Bon Accord (was Stonehaven) in Colony. Margaret Rheinlander Chapman was the owner when the photo was copied in the 1990’s. She thought it was the Sheriffs’ place. Any suggestions?
Update 21Jul2012: Tintypes are mirror-reversed images.

Larlee Creek Baptist Church, Kirkin o’ the Tartan, 27 May, 2012


This gallery contains 6 photos.

A great service by Rev. Maynard Rector and heavenly music by the Melville United Church Choir. The first link of a Google search that tells a history of the Kirkin.

Pioneers, Ploughs, and Politics: New Brunswick Planned Settlements

Pioneers, Ploughs, and Politics: New Brunswick Planned Settlements a special online exhibit at the NB Provicial Archives.