Scotch Colony in the time of COVID-19

A few items of note for our Scotch Colony cousins and friends:

  • there will be no anniversary/memorial services this year (2020)
  • however, visitors are welcome to come to the cemeteries at any time
  • if you want to go into the Kincardine, Melville Church, contact Darlene Morton (273-3108), and we will arrange to open the church for you
  • if you want to go into the Upper Kintore church or school, contact Garth Farquhar at 273-9313 or Ross Farquhar at 273-3796
  • if you would like to donate to the churches and/or cemeteries, send cheques to our bookkeeper Lorna Demeria, 1050 Route 109, Currie Siding, N.B., E7H4G6

— from Darlene

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Stay safe <3

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