Scottish online conference features talk on our Scotch Colony, this Saturday at 11:15 AM Atlantic Time

The title of the talk by Lorraine Stewart is

“The Scotch Colony” of New Kincardineshire
(From Kincardineshire to New Kincardineshire 1873)
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Shortly after 6am on Friday 25 April 1873 a special train left Kintore in the North East of Scotland with 120 people on board. More passengers joined as it passed through Aberdeenshire and Kincardineshire and headed for Glasgow and the ship that was to take them to a better life. Throughout Kincardineshire farewell signs were hung out from houses close to the railway line, and labourers in the fields paused in their work to wave to the train and wish the travellers good speed as they set off for a better life in a new Kincardineshire – in New Brunswick, Canada.

This presentation explores the conditions in Kincardineshire in the early 1870s, how the plans for the group emigration evolved, their arrival in New Brunswick, and what happened to some of the families who set off on that journey. It is likely that many other such group emigrations faced similar challenges.”

Lorraine’s presentation on ”The Scotch Colony” is at 11:15 AM Atlantic Time, this Saturday 14 January 2023. Here is the schedule for the entire second session (Times are given for Eastern Time Zone)

I believe this entire Conference, including “The Scotch Colony” presentation, will be broadcast on the Scottish Indexes Facebook Group. You have to join their Group to see the Facebook broadcast:

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I understand the Scottish Indexes Zoom meeting will not involve two-way video so you can watch in your pajamas.

Lorraine Stewart is a Scottish genealogist who has researched our Scotch Colony.

–Bill 🙂

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