Some Farm Names in the Scotch Colony

Agnes (Allen) Ledingham, wife of John Ledingham, died at their home called “Ledingsdale” (lot 5) in Kintore, Victoria County  in January 1881.

Margaret and David Burns celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary in 1883 at their home “New Eden Cottage” (lot 6) in “New Kincardine Colony.”

Maggie Mavor, daughter of Catherine (Thompson) and Francis Mavor, married Fred Robertson in 1889 at her parent’s home called “Loggie” (lot 6) in Lower Kintore.

In 1876, Ellen (Mitchell) Finnie, age 46, died at “Carron,” (lot 1) in Kintore, New Kincardine. She was the wife of James FINNIE.

In 1892 at “Bon Accord House” in Kincardine (lot 58), Agnes Adam married John Stevenson at her parent’s home.

Jane (Nevin) and Thomas Watt named their Kintore home “Lily Glenn,” (lot 2). (See Duncan MacPhail’s book New Kincardineshire: An Intimate History of the Early Years of a Scottish Settlement in New Brunswick, p. 108)

In 1884 William Bissett, age 77, died at his home, “Bandeau” on lot 128 Upper Kintore.

William Cocker, age 62, widower, and Agnes Petrie, age 52, spinster, were married in 1892 at “Fintray” in Kintore. (Mary Ann Will Cocker, daughter of William and his first wife Mary Anne MacDonald, gave her birth place as Fintray, Aberdeenshire, Scotland on her marriage certificate in 1891.)

Isabella (Bissett) and William McKenzie named their residence “Belmont” (lot 21) in Lower Kincardine. Their daughter Euphemia married Robert Cameron at her parent’s home in 1890.