You’re invited to Scottish dancing lessons, Nov 15, 7pm

Get ready for Burns night!

[From Darlene]

Hi All,


Tim fiddling and Anna scratching the floor at Burns night 2013.

We are having the first dance instructional session at the Burns Hall on Saturday, Nov. 15 at 7. Tim, Anna, Sarah, Isabel and Kinley will be playing.  […]  We’ll be having one or two more sessions before Christmas. I will teach the first four and may grab one of the fiddlers to help. […] Garth will do the instruction/calling for the last two.

On Nov. 2nd we’ll just work on the first five dances.

Isabel put together a list of tunes that she thought the kids could play and I ran it by Garold.

Military Glide – Clog in C maj. (played in D)

Highland Schottische – any strathspey

Heel and Toe Polka – Jacket Trimmed In Blue

Virginia Reel – any 6/8 marches or any reel; the fiddlers can decide.

The Gay Gordons – There is a tune I found on Youtube called The Gay Gordons but I think any polka would do.

The Soldiers’ Joy – Soldiers’ Joy (or any march) for the Grand March and Circle around the hall, and any reel or jig for the actual dance. Garold says don’t change mid-set from a jig to a reel or vice versa..

Lady of the Lake – Garold says any reel or jig will do.

Hope this sounds OK. Sorry for the lack of quotation marks 🙂

See you soon! Please pass the word.  […]


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