A Few More Things. . .

At Melville Church in Kincardine, a new tree to commemorate Scotch Fest140 was planted this past week. The cemetery caretakers will be finishing up mowing, including on the big hill. Ushers will be ready to pass out bulletins at the church service on Sunday.

Displays are being finalized. Posters are made and will be up to help you find the quilt show at the Grierson’s home, the tartan/vintage clothing show at the Morton/LaFrance’s home, and the highland games at the Matheson’s field. Volunteers have been rounded up to host the open houses at the Melville and Upper Kintore churches and the one-room schools at Kincardine and Upper Kintore. Kevin is getting his wood carvings ready to display at Burns Hall.

Our media gurus are at work! Garold and Roy are arranging the sound system for the church service. Plans are confirmed for the continuous showing of two DVD’s at Burns Hall: the 1948 film of the 75th anniversary and the 1998 video from the 125th celebration.

Colony cooks will be extra busy this week preparing luncheon items for the weekend.

Our musicians are practicing their tunes, including some fiddlers who just returned on Sunday Aug. 18 from their big trip to Nashville.

Have you heard the radio promos that Cari did for Fest140?

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