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Lorraine Stewart is a historian in Stonehaven, Scotland, who previously sent us an audio recording of her lecture on the Scotch Colony from Scotland’s perspective (clck here to go to that post). She has completed her studies and is offering her professional services to anyone looking for help with their family history. We thought it would be nice to promote her business. There are some helpful links on her website. Here’s a note we received from Lorraine:

I now have my business up and running and wondered if you would be willing to add a link to it on your website –

I am still adding some resources and plan to add more photos but you may be interested in The Scotch Colony PDF on the Services page. It contains a summary of articles in the Stonehaven Journal about the Colony 1872-1873. (I can’t remember whether I may have already sent you this.)

We are having a warm summer for once (the last two have been non stop rain). It’s nice to be able to spend more time outdoors though the heat is making the weeds grow too fast!

I hope all the plans for your 140th anniversary weekend are falling into place and that you have a great weekend _ I will be thinking of you all then.LORRAINE STEWART Professional Genealogist and Researcher in Archives

Best wishes,

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