“A History of the Scotch Colony: 1873-1998” (125 anniversary edition)

125 anniversary book, A History of the Scotch Colony: Victoria County, New Brunswick. (1873-1998)

154 pages
Length 9″/229mm
Width 6″/152mm
Height .375″/10mm
Weight 9 Ozs/238g
Paperback, perfect binding
Many photos
Limited quantities.

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Table of contents.

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Crown Land Grant Reference Map Viewer

Here’s the link:


Apparently,  this Map Viewer uses Adobe Flash so it probably won’t work on the iPhone or iPad.

The underlying map is a little different than other versions I’ve seen (I’ve seen six or seven versions so far).

When you zoom in to the map, (controls are partially obscured in upper left) you can see the modern subdivisions. You can hide the map (“Basemap” button in upper right) to reveal aerial photos (these are older photos than Google Maps).

Click on the yellow grant reference points to see the lot number, date of the grant and a full name. The grant number can be cross-referenced with the “Index to New Brunswick Land Grants, 1784 – 1997 (RS686)” at PANB: https://archives.gnb.ca/Search/RS686/Introduction.aspx?culture=en-CA. Click on “Search Page” link to enter the grants database.

Here is a screen shot showing a closeup of the Colony area. (All of New Brunswick is included on the map):

This is what I have been trying to do in Google Maps. One nice thing about Google Maps is that you can, using your mobile phone, navigate to any point on the map.

You’re invited to our 145th Celebration!

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Here’s the pdf version: 145ScheduleProgramme140818-1

Here’s a link to our Google Map. https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=1FJVCNDbiyv7HmsbPJkIw-L0PAUI&ll=46.708998428667726%2C-67.63420165000002&z=11

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1874 Cadastral, Lower and Upper Kintore

I copied this map from the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick when they came up to the Gathering of the Scots in 2018. We have seen about 6 different cadastrals that cover this area. Stonehaven Settlement is the area to the south of Lower Kintore–it is now called Kincardine and Bonaccord. Here is the Stonehaven Settlement cadastral.

1874 Cadastral, Stonehaven Road (now Kincardine and Bonaccord)

I copied this map from the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick when they came up to the Gathering of the Scots in 2018. We have seen about 6 different cadastrals that cover this area. I’ve rotated this map to make it easier to read the names.

Here is the Lower Kintore and Upper Kintore cadastral.

145th Amazing Race, 18 Aug, Starts 1PM

(Colony scavenger hunt by vehicle)
Starts at Burns Hall at 1PM on Aug 18th.

“This amazing race will be like no other. This will be a test of how observant, skilled and knowledgeable you are! Having the ability to follow directions will be an asset because you will be receiving clues as you continue on the journey. You will go to places where you have never been, and do things you may never have done before as well as learn some history of the Scottish Settlers. Take your time and enjoy the scenery along the way. You will have questions to answer so pay attention to details. If you are not sure of the answers make an educated guess. Most of all enjoy your journey.”
— from Cheryl Kelly, event organizer

An amazing part of our
145th Anniversary Celebration Weekend
17, 18, 19, August 2018
Open to all

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